Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Been A While!

There are at least a dozen times a day where someone says something super cute or the boys have created some invention that I just want to stop what I am doing and write it down so I don't forget but I always think I'll have time later that night to write it all down. That was why I started this blog.... but I have some snuggly little people who put me to sleep as soon as I lay with them :) But from now on, no matter how tired I am, I am going to write down all the things I want to remember every day or maybe a dozen times a day, who knows? The twins just turned 6, and looking back, the last 6 years have been a blur! I mean I do have 20,000 pictures of the last 6 years, but all of the cute things that were said are lost in my mommy brain.

Today, I found myself with a random afternoon off. We went to visit the kids great grandma Pearl. I feel badly that we do not get over there more, but hopefully, if I can manage to keep up with my blog, she will get to see how and what the kids are doing everyday :) So we get home, and I am working in our garden (which is in the front yard thanks to the pine trees in the back yard) while the kids are running around and getting in and out of the van. I look up to see Jack (15 months) fall out of the van with a toothbrush in hand. He stands up, continues brushing his teeth, and walks off. That kind of sums up Jack's life at this point. He is still always falling, and always doing something productive like brushing his teeth, sweeping something, picking weeds, or throwing things in the trash. He is one cute baby!

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